On Monday April 23, 2018, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits ruled in favor of GottaHaveRockandRoll.com in its lawsuit against Madonna over the auction of her personal items including a breakup letter from rap legend Tupac Shakur. “We did substantial due diligence when we took all the Madonna items for auction. We were confident that Madonna had no claim whatsoever, and the judge clearly agreed with us,” said GottaHaveRockandRoll.com. Jeffrey Haas, attorney for GottaHaveRockandRoll.com added, “I was confident in our case and that Madonna’s lawsuit was frivolous. And all the high-priced attorneys she hired couldn’t change that fact.”

Featured Collections

The Pattie Boyd Collection

John Lennon Signed Drawing to Pattie Boyd

George Harrison Cartier Cigarette Holder Gifted to Pattie Boyd

The Eddie Hammer Elvis Presley Collection

Gottahaverockandroll.com is excited to present the Eddie Hammer Elvis Presley Collection. A collection of over 100,000 items including incredibly rare LP’s, acetates, posters, personal items, merchandise, toys, figurines, magazines, CD's, videos, box sets, promotional items - everything imaginable and items you never imagined existed. Eddie heard the song “That's Alright Mama" on the radio in 1954 and he said "that song really got me hooked”. It was the beginning of a 60 year quest to acquire whatever Elvis collectibles he could find. Well he did a pretty good job finding well over 100,000 items! Eddie was considered an expert when it came to Vinyl and CD’s, he was a writer for the Goldmine Magazine and Discoveries. In the collection are over 15,000 different LP’S, 12,000 45’s and 15,000 CD’s. Eddie was also a guest speaker at many Elvis conventions with fans giving him the title of having “The Biggest Elvis Collection in the World”. There are so many items Elvis fans never knew existed that we will be offering. Because of the sheer quantity of items we will be featuring the collection as part of our auctions in the foreseeable future.

Elvis Presley Rare Concert Poster

Elvis Presley Personally Owned Original Acetate

The Dottie Rambo Elvis Presley Collection

Elvis Presley's Personally Owned, Signed and Inscribed Bible

Elvis Presley's Owned & Worn Turquoise Ring

The Tommy Bolin Collection

Tommy Bolin's Studio Used Rickenbacker "Electro" Lap Steel Guitar

Tommy Bolin "Post Toastee" Handwritten Working Lyrics

The James Brown Collection

The James Brown collection from "James Brown Productions”. An incredible collection of James Brown’s personal items including: clothes, shoes, posters, photographs and many more one-of-a kind items!

James Brown Rare Original 1970's Concert Poster

James Brown Worn Brown Leather Jacket

Featured Items

Elvis Presley 1956 Tupelo Mississippi Stage Worn Blue Velvet Shirt Gifted to Him By Natalie Wood

Tupac Shakur's "2Pacalypse Now" Notebook with Handwritten Lyrics, Set Lists, Drawings and More

Paul McCartney 1957 Watercolor Painting

Bruce Springsteen Handwritten "Thunder Road" Working Lyrics

Featured Artist of the Month


Prince Owned and Stage Used Yellow Cloud Guitar

Consign With Us


  • Elvis Presley 1974 Stage-Worn "Peacock" Jumpsuit

    SOLD: $300,000.00

  • Princess Diana Worn Red Lace Cocktail Dress Ex The Christies Auction, Diana Princess of Wales

    SOLD: $205,429.20

  • John Lennon Owned and Worn Iconic "Two Virgins" Talisman Necklace

    SOLD: $528,000.00