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Tupac Shakur's "2Pacalypse Now" Notebook with Handwritten Lyrics, Set Lists, Drawings and More

On September 26, 1956 Elvis returned to his  birthplace Tupelo Mississippi  to perform two shows at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair & Dairy Show. Elvis Presley Day is proclaimed in Tupelo and Elvis’ parents join him as he returns to his birth town as a bona fide star. On that  day he performs two shows at the same fair at which he had performed at the age of 10. For these two shows Elvis  takes the stage and performs in two custom made velvet shirts. One red (worn at the later evening show) and the one offered here, a matching blue one. Both shirts were a gift to Elvis from actress Natalie Wood. Natalie, who was under contract to Warner Brothers Studios, had the two shirts custom made by her costumer at the studio evidenced here in the Warner Brothers Studio label inside the shirt, with the date “9/1/56” and her name “Natalie Wood”. Natalie had gifted the shirt offered here (as well as the matching red one) to Elvis in the summer of 1956 while he was working on his first film, “Love Me Tender.” This shirt is accompanied by a letter of provenance from Elvis Presley's aunt, Delta Mae Biggs and photographs showing Elvis wearing the shirt.