How To Bid!


You must register in order to bid. You will be asked to create a User Name and a Password. You cannot register without a valid credit card. Your card will not be automatically charged upon the end of the auction if you are a high bidder.

Browse through the Auction Catalog for items of interest. When you find an item you are interested in, click on it and you will be brought to the full page for the lot.

Lot Page

When you are on the lot page you will be able to view more images of the lot and a full description. At the bottom of the page, on the left, you will see the Current Bid information for the lot (if it has already been bid on), as well as Next Bid and the current Number of Bids. On the right side you will see a Submit Straight Bid button and a Submit Maximum Bid button. If you wish to place a straight bid, which will take you to the next increment level, click on the Straight bid button (increment table can be found on the Rules page). Once you have entered your bid you will be brought to a bid confirmation page which will have your lot and bid information that you can confirm, and a Bid Now button that you must click to submit your bid.


Maximum Bid

If you choose to submit a Maximum bid then you can view the allowed increment levels in the drop down box by clicking on the arrow. When you have chosen your Maximum bid click on that amount, and you will automatically be brought to the bid confirmation page which will show your maximum bid as well as “your bid” which will be the next regular increment level (your Maximum bid is confidential and the system will only use as much of the maximum bid as is necessary to maintain your high bid). You must then click on the Bid Now button in order for your bid to be accepted.

If you have been immediately outbid (because someone else has placed a maximum bid that is higher than your bid), you will be brought back to the lot page and it will say you have been outbid. You can then bid again at the bottom of the page.

All bidders will receive confirmation emails of their bids as well as emails informing them if they have been outbid. These emails will have direct links back to the auction.

Callback Service

If you have been outbid, in addition to the outbid email, we offer a call back service for those who request it. This is an added courtesy that should not be used instead of checking your email. We will make every effort to contact every bidder who requests this service, but we cannot guarantee you will be contacted if we are inundated with requests.

Absentee Bidding

If you think that you will be unavailable to place bids on the item(s) you are interested in you can place “absentee” bids by either placing a maximum bid on an item you are interested in, or you can contact GOTTA HAVE ROCK AND ROLL and arrange for a representative of the company to bid on your behalf. In order to obtain the form please email us at or call us toll-free at 800-950-1202 or at 212-750-7900.