Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 George Washington Handwritten and Signed Letter on Becoming the 1st President of the United States Vows he "Will Make Justice and Public Good My Sole Objects." Setting the Stage for America as a Whole Price Realized: $275,000
2 George Washington Signed Presidential Appointment for Declaration of Independence Signer William Ellery (Beckett) Price Realized: $0
3 George Washington Original Large Lock of Hair Price Realized: $7,500
4 Guns N' Roses Slash First Owned Les Paul "Hunter Burst" Guitar - The Most Important Slash Guitar Ever Brought to Auction (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
5 Guns N’ Roses Slash Owned, Stage Worn & Band Signed Leather Jacket from 1992 Tour! (REAL) Price Realized: $0
6 Guns n' Roses Signed and Hand Painted Black Leather Tour Jacket Owned & Worn by Steven Adler (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $13,750
7 Slash Owned & Stage Used Guitar Straps (2), Guitar Picks (10) and Assorted Jewelry Price Realized: $0
8 Slash Handwritten Tidus Sloan Setlist (REAL) Price Realized: $3,000
9 Nikola Tesla “Extraterrestrial Life on Mars” Handwritten & Signed 1937 Letter Price Realized: $0
10 The Beatles Historic Ed Sullivan Show Wall Signed by All Four with Their Hand-Drawn Self-Caricatures February 9, 1964 (Caiazzo) Photo-Matched Price Realized: $625,000
11 John Lennon Owned & Worn Evening Suit from 1964 Carl Alan Awards Photo-Matched Price Realized: $0
12 John Lennon 1967 Handwritten Lyrics and Music Video Instructions for "Hello, Goodbye" (Caiazzo & REAL) Price Realized: $243,750
13 A Pair Of E.M.I. BTR2 Tape Recording Consoles Used Extensively By The Beatles At E.M.I. / Abbey Road Studios During The Entire Time They Recorded There Price Realized: $200,000
14 Beatles Abbey Road Studios "White Elephant" RLS10 Loudspeakers/Amplifiers (2) Used on “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,” "The White Album," "Abbey Road" "Darkside of The Moon" and More Price Realized: $175,000
15 John Lennon & Yoko Ono 1969 Amsterdam Bed-In Archive Featuring Lennon Handwritten Letter and "I Want Peace and Food" Filled Out Questionnaire (Caiazzo & REAL) Price Realized: $0
16 Paul McCartney Oversized Hand-Drawing for 1966 Stage Design with His Hand-Annotations for the Four Tops Saville Theatre Performance (Tracks & REAL) Price Realized: $0
17 Paul McCartney Twice-Signed Early 1958 Original Artwork with Earliest Known Handwritten Working Lyrics With Similarities To The Beatles "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" (Caiazzo) Price Realized: $175,000
18 The Beatles White Album No. 0000005 Extremely Low Number Capitol Records President Stanley Gortikov’s Copy! (Who Signed the Beatles) Price Realized: $0
19 The Beatles Only Known Original Oversized 1966 Shea Stadium Concert Poster Price Realized: $0
20 The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Signed & Inscribed Inner Album Sleeve (Caiazzo) Price Realized: $0
21 The Beatles Signed Sale Contract for Apple Records Headquarters - Likely Last Document Signed as Group (Caiazzo) Price Realized: $118,750
22 John Lennon Owned & Worn Custom D.A. Millings Suit from The Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" Price Realized: $100,000
23 The Beatles “Please Please Me” Vee Jay Records Archive Including Please Please Me Master Tapes and the First Ever Contract Signed in America for The Beatles (100+ Items Total) Price Realized: $82,500
24 John Lennon 1967 Owned And Worn Sgt Peppers Neckerchief Price Realized: $45,000
26 The Beatles Signed Last Agreement for Worldwide Promotion of Their Albums (Except Europe) 1975 (Caiazzo & REAL) Price Realized: $53,750
27 The Beatles Signed “With the Beatles” Album - The Nicest in Existence (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $36,250
28 The Beatles Paul McCartney Owned & Worn Suit (Tussaud Museum Provenance) Price Realized: $0
29 The Beatles Signed Individual Stock Certificate Contracts for 1969 Sale of NEMS Publishing (Caiazzo & REAL) Price Realized: $70,000
30 1963 George Harrison Owned & Worn Stage Jacket Price Realized: $25,000
31 Star-Club Hamburg Germany 1960's Archive of Original Receipt Books Featuring The Beatles Historic 1962 Concert Price Realized: $18,750
32 The Beatles Ringo Starr’s Personally Owned Red and White Polka-Dot Ruffled Shirt Identical to the One He Wore On The “Let It Be” Album Cover Price Realized: $18,750
33 The Beatles George Harrison Handwritten & Signed Greeting Card with Surprising Nazi-Related References Including Adolf Hitler Sketch Done by George Harrison (REAL) Price Realized: $20,000
34 The Beatles 1964 Signed Original Lyric Sheet For “A Hard Day’s Night” (Caiazzo) Price Realized: $0
35 Beatles Historic 1964 US Tour Signed & Inscribed "Beatles Quiz Book" with Additional Tour Member Signatures (Caiazzo) Price Realized: $20,000
36 Paul McCartney Signed Lef-Handed Hofner Bass Price Realized: $12,500
37 Paul McCartney and John Lennon Dual-Signed 1976 MacLen Music Check (REAL) Price Realized: $0
38 The Beatles 1969 Vintage Iain Macmillan Colour Photographic Artwork Print Used In The Production Of The Abbey Road Album Sleeve Price Realized: $0
39 The Beatles 1966 Dodger Stadium Los Angeles Penultimate Performance Concert Poster Price Realized: $0
40 The Beatles Abbey Road Complete Set Of Six Abbey Road Out Take Photographs By Iain Macmillan One Signed Including Back Cover Print Price Realized: $12,500
41 The Beatles Original “Abbey Road” Acetate Recording Price Realized: $0
42 The Beatles Original Test Pressing of the Album “With the Beatles” Price Realized: $0
43 The Beatles Original “Get Back” Acetate Recording Price Realized: $0
44 Beatles Paul McCartney Historic 1968 Handwritten & Signed "A is For Apple" Letter (Caiazzo) Price Realized: $13,750
45 Original Set of Four Yellow Submarine 1968 Goebel Figurines Price Realized: $0
46 The Beatles 1964 Forest Hills Music Festival Concert Poster Price Realized: $11,250
47 The Beatles “Can’t Buy Me Love” RIAA White Matte Original First Presentation “Coin” Award Presented to The Beatles Price Realized: $0
48 The Beatles Only Known Historic Autographs from August 1965 Shea Stadium Concert Signed to Driver of Their Armored Car (Caiazzo) Price Realized: $41,250
49 The Beatles Earliest Known Signed Concert Ticket - Star-Club, Hamburg 1962 (Caiazzo & REAL) Price Realized: $37,500
50 Ringo Starr Personally Owned Plaque Presented to Ringo in Brentwood, California, 24 August 1964 (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
51 John Lennon Studio Used & Handwritten “Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox)” Lyrics (Tracks UK) Price Realized: $0
52 The Beatles “White Album” Original RIAA White Matte Gold Record Album Award Presented to The Beatles Price Realized: $10,000
53 The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” Original RIAA White Matte Gold Record Album Award Presented to The Beatles Price Realized: $11,250
54 The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” Original RIAA White Matte 45 Gold Record Award Presented to The Beatles Price Realized: $12,500
55 The Beatles “Help!” Original RIAA White Matte 45 Gold Record Award Presented to The Beatles Price Realized: $0
56 The Beatles “I Feel Fine” Original RIAA White Matte 45 Gold Record Award Presented to The Beatles Price Realized: $0
57 The Beatles “Eight Days A Week” Original RIAA White Matte 45 Gold Record Award Presented to The Beatles Price Realized: $10,625
58 John Lennon “Live Peace In Toronto” Original RIAA White Matte Gold Record Album Award Presented to John Ono Lennon Price Realized: $10,000
59 John Lennon Annotated Beatles Break-Up Court Document Relating To Paul McCartney 1971 (Caiazzo & REAL) Price Realized: $11,875
60 Paul McCartney ‘Paul Is Live’ Iain Macmillan Owned Photographic Prints Price Realized: $0
61 George Harrison Signed Handwritten January 7, 1986 Card to British Luthier, Tony Zemaitis (REAL) Price Realized: $0
62 The Beatles Band Signed Fan Club Photograph Signed During Ed Sullivan First Show Performance! (John Lennon Signature Authentic) Caiazzo Price Realized: $0
63 The Beatles “Hello Goodbye” Original RIAA White Matte 45 Gold Record Award Presented to The Beatles Price Realized: $0
64 The Beatles "Paperback Writer" Original RIAA White Matte Record Award Price Realized: $10,625
65 The Beatles Original Film Negatives Used in the Printing of Iconic “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” Album Cover Price Realized: $0
66 The Beatles Brian Epstein 1962 Owned & Worn Beno Dorn Suit Jacket Price Realized: $12,500
67 The Beatles John Lennon And Ringo Starr 1962 Irby Village Hall Autographs Early Ringo Autograph (REAL) Price Realized: $0
68 John Lennon 1963 Hand Drawn and Signed Self-Portrait (REAL) Price Realized: $18,750
69 The Beatles Original 16mm 2/11/1964 Historic Washington DC Concert Film Price Realized: $3,438
70 The Beatles 1964 Washington Coliseum Ticket Stub (First American Beatles Concert) Price Realized: $4,375
71 The Beatles Original Historic 8/15/1965 Shea Stadium 16mm Concert Film Price Realized: $2,625
72 The Beatles Paul McCartney Signed “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” Album (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $2,250
73 Paul McCartney Signed “Something New” Album (REAL) Price Realized: $1,875
74 The Beatles Ringo Starr Signed Letter on Apple Stationary (REAL) Price Realized: $875
75 Elvis Presley Stage-Worn Ruby Diamond and 14K Gold Ring Given to Fan in 1975 Backstage at The Summit in Houston Price Realized: $25,000
76 Elvis Presley Owned and Film Played Gibson Acoustic Guitar Used in "Blue Hawaii" and "G.I. Blues" (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $102,500
77 Elvis Presley Owned, Played & Signed 1960 Red Acoustic “Framus” Guitar (Charlie Hodge) Price Realized: $18,750
78 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Suzy Cream Cheese Two-Tone Brown Suede Fringed Jacket Price Realized: $0
79 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn "EP" Diamond Pendant and 14kt Gold Chain Necklace Price Realized: $23,750
80 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Brown Leather Boots Price Realized: $0
81 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn IC Costume Co. White Silk Shirt Price Realized: $0
82 Elvis Presley Circa 1960s Owned & Worn Black Double-Breasted Fred Segal Custom Vest Price Realized: $0
83 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn Diamond and 14kt Gold Ring Price Realized: $8,750
84 Elvis Presley Owned & Stage Worn Overized and Heavy 5ct Diamond and 14kt Gold Ring Price Realized: $37,500
85 Elvis Presley Owned & Worn 14kt Gold Black Onyx Ring Price Realized: $4,688
86 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Custom-Made Brown Leather Jacket (Paul Lichter Provenance) Price Realized: $5,313
87 Elvis Presley Stage Worn and Owned Black Patent Leather Boots Price Realized: $3,438
88 Elvis Presley Owned & Stage Worn Native-American Sterling Silver, Turquoise and Coral Cuff Bracelet Watch Price Realized: $0
89 Elvis Presley Stage Worn Yellow Concert Scarf Price Realized: $1,375
90 John Adams Personally Owned, Signed and Inscribed Holy Bible (JSA) Price Realized: $0
91 Senator Robert F. Kennedy's Historic Hospital Patient ID Wristband from the Day of His Assassination, June 5, 1968 Price Realized: $0
92 Benjamin Franklin Signed Important Land Grant Document (JSA) Price Realized: $0
93 Thomas Jefferson’s White House Rare & Elegant China Bread Plate or Tea Saucer Price Realized: $0
94 Abraham Lincoln Handwritten & Signed Letter on Executive Mansion Stationery (JSA) Price Realized: $0
95 Abraham Lincoln Owned & Used Monogrammed Match Safe with Original Matches (John Lattimer Collection) Price Realized: $0
96 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boldly Signed Ebenezer Baptist Church Program - Signed 10 Days Before Assassination with Newspaper Article (JSA) Price Realized: $10,625
97 President George H. W. Bush Owned, Signed & Extensively Used C.I.A & Presidential Briefcase Price Realized: $0
98 Abraham Lincoln Signed & Inscribed Free Frank (JSA) Price Realized: $0
99 John F. Kennedy Blood-Stained Leather Swatch From Dallas Limo (CAG Encapsulated) Price Realized: $0
100 Sam Houston Signed Cut With Incredible “Of Texas” Inscription (JSA) Price Realized: $0
101 Walt Disney Signed Photograph (JSA) Price Realized: $5,000
102 Walt Disney Signed Picture Price Realized: $3,000
103 Walt Disney Signed Cut (JSA) Price Realized: $3,125
104 Abraham Lincoln Signed Cut as President (JSA) Price Realized: $6,250
105 A Lock of Abraham Lincoln's Hair (Ex. Forbes Collection) Price Realized: $0
106 Abraham Lincoln Blood Stained Sheet From His Death Chamber (CAG Encapsulated) Price Realized: $0
107 Bob Dylan Handwritten Lyrics for “Blowin' in the Wind” (Jeff Rosen) Price Realized: $0
108 Bob Dylan Stage Used and Signed Hohner Harmonica With Original Box (Jeff Rosen & REAL) Price Realized: $5,313
109 Bob Marley Signed "Uprising" Album (REAL) Price Realized: $10,625
110 Bob Marley "Jah Live" Signed Magazine Page (JSA) Price Realized: $0
111 Bob Marley Owned & Worn Brown Multi-Colored Striped Sleeveless Tank Top Price Realized: $0
112 Bob Marley Signed and Inscribed Autograph Book Page Price Realized: $0
113 Andy Warhol Original Screen Used to Print “Jackie I” from Portfolio 11 Pop Artists Volume 1 1965 Price Realized: $0
114 Andy Warhol Owned 14K Howard Pocket Watch with Impeccable Provenance Price Realized: $0
115 Andy Warhol Vintage Signed 1968 University of St. Thomas Poster (PSA) Price Realized: $0
116 Jeff Koons Original 1985 Snorkel (Generic) Sculpture (Authentic Unfinished Casting) Price Realized: $0
117 Banksy Original “ROYKSOPP” Stenciled Sleeve Copy (75/100) Price Realized: $4,375
118 Keith Haring and LA II Signed Williwear Productions 1984 T-Shirt Price Realized: $0
119 Janis Joplin Signed 1969 "Rolling Stone" Magazine (REAL) Price Realized: $0
120 Janis Joplin Signed & Inscribed Autograph Album Page (REAL) Price Realized: $0
121 Jimi Hendrix Experience Band Signed "Are You Experienced" UK Album (JSA) Price Realized: $0
122 Jimi Hendrix Signed Original Photograph (PSA/DNA Encapsulated) Price Realized: $0
123 Jimi Hendrix Experience Incredible Band Signed Original Mike Berkovsky Historic "Rave" Color Magazine Photo (REAL) Price Realized: $20,000
124 Jimi Hendrix Owned and Worn Beaded Necklace Price Realized: $1,250
125 The Jimi Hendrix Experience Studio Used “Electric Lady Studios” Microphone Price Realized: $0
126 Ozzy Osbourne "Retirement Sucks Tour" Stage Worn, Signed and Inscribed Custom Black Jacket with Tails Price Realized: $0
127 Def Leppard Band Signed “Hysteria” Album with Steve Clark (REAL) Price Realized: $2,500
128 Lynyrd Skynyrd "Street Survivors" Gatefold Signed By Seven Band Members (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $8,750
129 Metallica Band Signed “Master of Puppets” Album with Cliff Burton (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $0
130 Metallica Band Signed Promotional Photograph with Cliff Burton Incredibly Rare (REAL) Price Realized: $0
131 Ozzy Osbourne & Randy Rhoads Band Signed "Blizzard of Ozz" Album (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $3,438
132 Bruce Springsteen "Jungleland" Handwritten Working Lyrics Price Realized: $0
133 Bruce Springsteen Signed 1952 Fender Telecaster Reissue Guitar (REAL) Price Realized: $0
134 Buddy Holly And The Crickets 1958 Autographed Coral Promotional Card (REAL) Price Realized: $6,875
135 Buddy Holly Signed Self-Titled Album (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $0
136 David Bowie 1983 “Serious Moonlight” Tour Original Stage Model Price Realized: $17,500
137 David Bowie 1969 4 Page Signed Handwritten Letter (REAL) Price Realized: $0
138 Jim Morrison Stage Worn and Owned Brown Suede Fringe Jacket Price Realized: $5,313
139 The Eagles Band Signed Acoustic Guitar (Beckett) Price Realized: $0
140 Gregg & Duane Allman 1970 Owned, Stage Worn and Hand Engraved Belt Price Realized: $7,500
141 John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd Signed "Blues Brothers" Promotional Album (JSA) Price Realized: $0
142 James Dean Signed 12/13/1954 Theatre Guild Contract (JSA) Price Realized: $4,688
143 Marilyn Monroe Owned & Worn Stunning Beaded White Satin Opera Gloves Price Realized: $3,125
144 Arnold Schwarzenegger "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" Screen Used Prop Handgun Price Realized: $0
145 Bruce Lee Owned & Used Butterfly Swords Price Realized: $3,750
146 Johnny Cash, John Prine & Arlo Guthrie Signed and Played Acoustic Guitar (REAL) Price Realized: $0
147 KISS Paul Stanley 1985 Owned, Stage Played & "Tears Are Falling" Video Used BC Rich Ironbird Guitar Price Realized: $0
148 Kiss Ace Frehley’s Number 8 (AFS008) Owned, Played & Signed Gibson Les Paul Guitar Price Realized: $0
149 KISS Gene Simmons Original Handwritten “God of Thunder” & "Gather Darkness" Lyrics (REAL) Price Realized: $0
150 KISS 1976 U.S. Destroyer Tour Original Stage Model Price Realized: $0
151 Led Zeppelin Band Signed "Led Zeppelin III" Album (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $0
152 Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page Owned And Worn Velvet Trousers from November 2nd 1969 Concert Price Realized: $0
153 Led Zeppelin Band Signed "Led Zeppelin II" Album (REAL & Tracks) Price Realized: $15,000
154 Led Zeppelin John Bonham Owned & Worn 1977 Oakland Tour Jacket Price Realized: $0
155 Michael Jackson Stage Worn Iconic Custom Tompkins & Bush Left-Handed Swarovski Crystal Glove From "HIStory" World Tour (Bob Jones & Frank DiLeo Provenance) Price Realized: $18,750
156 Michael Jackson Hand Drawn “Danny Kaye” Art (REAL) Price Realized: $0
157 Michael Jackson Signed Hand-Drawn Self-Portrait (REAL) Price Realized: $8,750
158 Michael Jackson Signed “Thriller” Album (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $2,250
159 Michael Jackson "Bad Tour" Stage Worn Wide Black Belt With Leg Chains Price Realized: $0
160 Michael Jackson Owned & Worn Versace Black Italian Leather Belt Price Realized: $0
161 Nirvana Signed "Smells Like Teen Spirit" 12" Picture Disc with Cobain "I Am A Rock Star" Inscription (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $0
162 Kurt Cobain Signed Nirvana "Nevermind" CD with Incredible Handwritten Message "Kurdt Cobain Professional Songwriter Singer" (REAL) CD Insert with Inscription (REAL) Price Realized: $10,625
163 Nirvana Signed “In Utero” Magazine Photograph (REAL) Price Realized: $6,875
164 Pink Floyd Band Signed "The Wall" Album (JSA & Floyd Authentic) Price Realized: $0
165 Prince Original Polaroids (9) Used For “Chaos and Disorder” Album Artwork Featured on CD Gatefold! Price Realized: $0
166 Prince Handwritten Working Setlist for Wedding Reception 1996 (REAL) Price Realized: $6,250
167 Prince Handwritten Unreleased NPG “Newsletter” - 4 Pages Double Sided with Incredible Edits (REAL) Price Realized: $0
168 Prince “P Control” Unreleased CD MAXI Single Track List & Song Titles with Prince’s Handwritten Liner Note Additions (REAL) Price Realized: $0
169 Prince Signed Contract to Perform at Rock in Rio II (Beckett & REAL) Price Realized: $0
170 Prince Owned, Handwritten & Hand Annotated Graffiti Bridge 1987 Draft Script 43 Pages Have Prince’s Handwritten Notes! (REAL) Price Realized: $5,000
171 Prince Owned & Stage Worn 14KT Yellow Stage Cross Necklace (Bobby Z LOA) Price Realized: $7,500
172 Prince 1988 Signed "Lovesexy" Album (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $0
173 Prince Stage Used Guitar Pick Collection (29) Price Realized: $1,375
174 Prince Personal Studio “Pheromone” Lyric Sheet with Handwritten Annotations and Lyrics (REAL) Price Realized: $5,000
175 Prince Owned & Stage Worn Iconic Versace Sunglasses Circa 1998 Photo-Matched Mayte Garcia Provenance Price Realized: $6,250
176 Prince Owned & Worn Gold Silk Shirt Price Realized: $750
177 Prince Owned & Worn Black and Gold Sequined Shirt Price Realized: $1,188
178 Rolling Stones 1977 “Love You Live” Poster Designed by Andy Warhol Price Realized: $0
179 The Rolling Stones Signed 1964 Self-Titled Album (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $0
180 The Rolling Stones Band Signed "Undercover" Album (JSA & REAL) Price Realized: $5,313
181 The Rolling Stones Extremely Rare 1964 Studio Acetate Lacquer Disc For The Album "12 x 5" Price Realized: $0
182 The Rolling Stones Band Signed “Five by Five” EP Record with Brian Jones (REAL) Price Realized: $0
183 Keith Richards Stage Worn "Skull" Scarf Price Realized: $0
184 The Rolling Stones Extremely Rare 1964 Studio Acetate Lacquer Disc “I Just Wanna Make Love to You” Price Realized: $0
185 Frank Kozik Soundgarden Pearl Jam The Unicorn Green Lady Poster Proof Price Realized: $3,125
186 The Rolling Stones Unreleased “Rock & Roll Circus” Album Artwork Price Realized: $1,250
187 The Rolling Stones “Rolling Stones Greatest Hits” Album Artwork Slick Price Realized: $1,250
188 The Rolling Stones Unreleased “Rock & Roll Circus” Album Artwork Price Realized: $1,250
189 The Rolling Stones “Beggars Banquet” Original Cover Art Slick Price Realized: $1,250
190 The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Handwritten & Signed Letter About Rolling Stones “Hits” Album Cover Artwork! (REAL) Price Realized: $1,875
191 Mick Jagger Vintage Handwritten and Signed Asking for Guitar Gear (REAL) Price Realized: $1,375
192 Mick Jagger "Freejack" Film Worn Long-Sleeved Wine Top Price Realized: $0
193 AC/DC Bon Scott 1975 Handwritten & Signed Two-Page Letter with Drawing Price Realized: $0
194 Miles Davis Original “Betty Davis Eyes” Signed Artwork Price Realized: $0
195 George Michael Stage Worn and Signed Custom Black Jacquard Corduroy Jacket from 10/21/88 Concert (REAL) Price Realized: $0
196 Harry Styles Owned and Signed Acoustic Guitar (JSA) Price Realized: $0
197 Harry Styles 2019 “Love On” Tour Stage Used Jimi Hendrix Woodstock Style Guitar Strap Price Realized: $0
198 Robert De Niro Handwritten & Signed Birthday Letter to Sylvestor Stallone Price Realized: $0
199 Tupac Shakur Owned & Worn Red Bandana "Do-Rag" Price Realized: $4,375
200 John Hancock Handwritten & Signed Document (PSA/DNA Encapsulated Graded 9) Price Realized: $3,000
201 John Hancock Signed Cut Extremely Bold (JSA) Price Realized: $3,750
202 Watson and Crick Signed DNA Sketch (PSA Grade 9) Price Realized: $0
203 Mahatma Gandhi Important Handwritten and Signed Letter (JSA) Price Realized: $5,313
204 President Theodore Roosevelt Signed Vintage Original Photograph with White House Provenance (JSA) Price Realized: $1,188
205 Thomas Jefferson Signed Document 1792 (JSA) Price Realized: $5,938
206 Jewish Foundation Buys Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Home in Manhattan for Hunter College Signed Check by FDR! (JSA) Price Realized: $0
207 Barack Obama Handwritten and Signed Letter to Relatives in Kenya as President (JSA) Price Realized: $0
208 Joe Strummer "The Long Shadow" Handwritten Lyrics (REAL) Price Realized: $0
209 The Clash Vintage Signed “London Calling” Album (REAL) Price Realized: $0
210 The Clash Signed 1978 “Sort it Out” Concert Poster (REAL) Price Realized: $0
211 Sex Pistols Sid Vicious Signed Photo Picture (REAL) Price Realized: $0
212 Queen Freddie Mercury Owned & Played Martin D-18 Guitar (Paul Prenter LOA) Price Realized: $0
213 Queen Freddie Mercury Owned & Stage Worn Leather Black Shorts (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $50,000
214 The Plasmatics Wendy O. Williams Chainsawed Guitar Also Signed by the Band Price Realized: $0
215 Eddie Van Halen Played & Signed Peavey Wolfgang Ivory Guitar (REAL) Price Realized: $48,750
216 Whitney Houston "The Bodyguard" Original Oversized RIAA Platinum Album Award Display for 18 Million Sold Price Realized: $0
217 U2 / THE EDGE – Music Video Played Fender Guitar in U2's Iconic Apple Music Video Advert (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $18,750
217 U2 / THE EDGE – Music Video Played Fender Guitar in U2's Iconic Apple Music Video Advert (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $18,750
218 John Lee Hooker Circa 1970s Stage Played & Owned Kay Acoustic Guitar Price Realized: $0
219 Original First Transcription of John Wilkes Booth Diary Regarding Lincoln Assassination Used for Co-Conspirator John Sarratt, Jr. Trial with Edwards Pierreport Handwritten "Diary" on Last Page Price Realized: $0
220 Avril Lavigne "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Worn Custom Black Gown (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
221 Beyoncé “On The Run Tour II” Stage Worn Iconic Custom White Lace Outfit Price Realized: $0
222 Beyoncé Owned & Worn "Ivy Park" Bodysuit Price Realized: $0
223 Beyoncé Owned & Worn Burberry T-Strap Stiletto Heels (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
224 Billie Eilish "her." Magazine Cover Worn Custom Purple & Black Neon Shirt Price Realized: $0
225 Britney Spears Owned & Worn Custom "Call Me Britney" Union Jack Top Price Realized: $0
226 Britney Spears Stage Worn Custom Black Hat with Red Zippered Trim Price Realized: $0
227 Jennifer Lopez Rolling Stone Magazine "Centerfold" Worn Custom Made Leather Outfit (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
228 Katy Perry American Idol Grand Finale Season 19 Stage Worn Simona Corsellini Custom Sequin Dress (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
229 Katy Perry MTV Video Music Awards Promo Video & Interview Worn Black Leather Cross Crop Top (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
230 Katy Perry 34th Birthday Worn Wine Latex Short-Sleeved Dress (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
231 Lady Gaga Japanese TV Interview Worn Custom Long Black Sculpted "Hand on Breast" Dress (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
232 Lady Gaga 2011 Grammys Nominations Concert Worn Custom Black Neoprene Dress (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
233 Lady Gaga 2014 Istanbul Worn Orange Satin and Fur Dressing Gown with Matching Shorts (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
234 Lady Gaga Worn Yves St. Laurent Couture Black and White Gown (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
235 Lady Gaga Worn Charlie Le Mindu Haute Coiffure Custom Black Hair Cape (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
236 Lady Gaga Sukkiri Japanese TV Show Worn Liberum Arbitrium Black Dress (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
237 Lady Gaga Event Worn Sheer Shinsuke Mitsuoka Custom Outfit (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
238 Lady Gaga 2017 Coachella Stage Worn Ashton Michael Custom Shorts (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
239 Lady Gaga "V Magazine" Cover Worn Powder Blue Wool Corset also Worn by Rihanna (Gaga Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
240 Lady Gaga Worn Silver, Gold and Black Leotard Price Realized: $0
241 Lil Nas X Grammy Nominated Promotion Worn Custom Snakeskin-Style Leather Suit (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
242 Lizzo Red Carpet Worn Miscreants Animal Print Track Suit (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
243 Nicki Minaj "Barbie Tingz" Music Video Worn Custom Bodysuit (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
244 Nicki Minaj B James Custom Black Puffer Coat Worn in Ariana Grande "The Light is Coming" Music Video Price Realized: $0
245 Nicki Minaj "Dip" Tyga Music Video Worn B James Custom Black Puffer Costume (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
246 Nicki Minaj "BarberShop: The Next Cut" Production Worn Jumpsuit and Boots Price Realized: $0
247 Rihanna "Vogue Paris" Magazine Photo Shoot Worn White Corset (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
248 Celine Dion “Unison” Album Worn White T-Shirt and Black Leather Rolling Stones “Steel Wheels” Tour Jacket (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
249 Shawn Mendes Grammy Awards After-Party Worn Custom Shirt (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
250 Shakira Stage Worn Custom Made Tank Top T-Shirt From 2002 “Tour of the Mongoose” (Photo-Matched) Price Realized: $0
252A John Lennon Autographed First Edition In His Own Write 1964 Bold Autograph Price Realized: $6,250
923A 1886 Frederick Dent Grant Handwritten Signed Letter Re His Father U. S. Grant Painted Portrait (JSA) Price Realized: $63