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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Elvis Presley 1960's Owned and Worn Red Velvet Jacket 3723
2 Elvis Presley 1969 Owned and Worn Two-Piece White Dinner Suit 4096
3 Marilyn Monroe "Some Like It Hot" Film Production Worn Bustier 16106
4 Madonna's Personal 1998 MTV Video Music Award for "Ray of Light" 15000
5 Madonna "Evita" Film Worn Inaugural Ball Gown From Musical Number “High Flying, Adored” 20897
6 Madonna "Evita" Film Worn White Two-Piece Wedding Skirt Suit and Lingerie 7985
7 Madonna "Evita" Film Worn Long Burgundy Silk Dress From Musical Number "Goodnight and Thank You" 2796
8 Madonna "Evita" Film Worn Long Halter Neck Gown From Musical Number “Goodnight and Thank You” 3384
9 Madonna "Evita" Film Worn Long Red Dress With Rhinestones From Musical Number “Peron’s Latest Flame" 4096
10 Madonna "Evita" Film Worn Floral Dress From Musical Number “Rainbow High" 5453
11 Madonna "Evita" Film Worn Black Faille Skirt Suit From Musical Number "And the Money Kept Rolling In” 3076
12 Madonna "Evita" Production Worn Pink & White Zig Zag Striped Dress From “Buenos Aires/Star Quality” Rehearsal 491
13 Madonna "A League of Their Own" Film Worn Baseball Uniform 9663
14 Madonna "The Next Best Thing" Film Worn Marabou Feather Coat 3723
15 Madonna "Open Your Heart" Rehearsal Worn and Signed Iconic Tasseled Bustier 15343
16 Madonna "Blond Ambition Tour" Rehearsal Worn Iconic Conical Black Satin Bustier 1909
17 Madonna "Blond Ambition Tour" Rehearsal Worn Iconic Conical White Satin Bustier 1183
18 Madonna "Re-Invention Tour" Poster and Advertisement Worn Vintage Gold Sequin Bolero Jacket Also Worn for Tour Program Photo Shoot 5999
19 Madonna "Re-Invention Tour" Program Worn Black & Silver Sequin Shrug and Rhinestone Belt 5999
20 Madonna "Re-Invention Tour" Program Worn Silver Beaded Mesh Wrap 5453
21 Madonna "Music" Video Production Used Donatella Versace Metal Necklace 1735
22 Madonna "Music" Video Worn Donatella Versace White Leather Belt 1412
23 Madonna "Music" Video Production Used Versace White Pants 596
24 Madonna "Truth or Dare" Film Worn Faux Pearl Necklace 722
25 Madonna "Like A Virgin Tour" Stage Wedding Dress Custom Made by Andre Van Pier 1283
26 Madonna "Sex" Book Photo Shoot Worn Black Sequin Shorts Custom Made by Andre Van Pier 446
27 Madonna 2011 Roseland Ballroom Stage Worn Stetson Cowboy Hat and Personal Drowned World Tour Laminate 491
28 Madonna Custom Made Andre Van Pier Custom Made Leather Jacket Worn for Steven Meisel Photo Shoot 963
29 Madonna Personally Owned and Worn Emerald and Gold Cross Gifted to Boyfriend Jim Albright 2100
30 Madonna Handwritten Stage Choreography Notes For "Lucky Star", "Borderline", "Like A Virgin", "Burning Up" and "Tears of a Clown" 1302
31 Madonna "Where Life Begins" Handwritten Working Lyrics 605
32 Madonna "Goodbye To Innocence" Handwritten Working Lyrics 875
33 Madonna Handwritten Working Song Lyrics 722
34 Madonna Owned and Worn "MLVC" Jacket 491
35 Madonna 1980's Owned & Worn Faux Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Set 405
36 Madonna Original 1971-1972 Junior High School Yearbook Featuring Pictures of Madonna 225
37 The Madonna Children’s Limited Edition First Edition Boxed Set 100
38 Madonna Signed "English Rose" First Edition Children's Book 175
39 Madonna Original Children's Books Limited Edition Box Set 175
40 Madonna 1990's Owned and Worn Black Lace Slip 446
41 Madonna Worn and Signed Vintage Red Beret and Black Scarf 722
42 Madonna Worn & Signed Vintage Black Beret Worn at Jean-Paul Gaultier Photo Shoot 596
43 Madonna Signed "Drowned World Tour" Black T-Shirt 368
44 Madonna Signed NY & Co. Black Wool Baseball Cap 405
45 Madonna Signed Cigar 368
46 Madonna Signed "Evita" Film Used Hat Prop 656
47 Madonna Signed Military Belt With American Flag Studded Buckle 446
48 Madonna Signed Dance Black Dance Top 405
49 Madonna "Rolling Stone Magazine" Photo Shoot Worn & Signed Pinstripe Pants and Waist Coat 1060
50 Madonna Stage Worn Faux Pearl Necklace 250
51 Madonna Owned, Worn and Signed White Tank Top 334
52 Madonna Owned, Worn and Signed Black Satin Opera Glove 541
53 Madonna & Tom Hanks "A League of Their Own" Signed Baseball and Glove 4441
54 Madonna Original "Dress You Up" Record Proof 0
55 Madonna Original "Express Yourself" Record Proof 0
56 Madonna Original "Who's That Girl" Record Proof PASS
57 Madonna Original "Express Yourself" 7" Record Proof PASS
58 Madonna Original Madonna Wembley Arena Poster Proof PASS
59 Madonna Original "Evita" Motion Picture Soundtrack Proof 0
60 Jackson 5 "I Want You Back" Original 1969 45 RPM Record Test Pressing 2505
61 Jackson 5 Stage Worn Beaded Tunic and Pants Worn by Marlon and Tito 275
62 Jackson 5 Stage Worn Boyd Clopton Lime Green and Turquoise Pants 303
63 Jackson 5 Stage Worn Boyd Clopton Purple Shirt 50
64 Jackson 5 Stage Worn Child Sized Elaborate Red Matador Jacket 795
65 Jackson 5 Stage Worn Fuchsia Slacks With Gold Pop Sunrise Design and Bell Bottoms 175
66 Jackson 5 Stage Worn International Costume Co. Lime Green Shirt 175
67 Jackson 5 Stage Worn International Costume Co. White Fringed Aviator Scarf 100
68 Jackson 5 Stage Worn Maroon Slacks With Tapestry Border 175
69 Jackie Jackson Stage Worn Purple Top With Embellished Collar and Cuffs 70
70 Randy Jackson "Jackson 5" Stage Worn Bill Whitten Custom Made Elaborate Gold Beaded Vest 334
71 Tito Jackson Stage Worn Psychedelic Terry Cloth Tunic 250
72 Jermaine Jackson Stage Worn Boyd Clopton Maroon and Aqua Paisley Pants 303
73 Janet Jackson Owned & Worn Black Velvet Embroidered Cap PASS
74 La Toya Jackson 1980's Owned & Worn Black Zippered Pants PASS
75 La Toya Jackson 1980's Owned & Worn Floral Leather Belt 50
76 La Toya Jackson 1980's Owned & Worn Red Leather Pants PASS
77 La Toya Jackson 1980's Owned & Worn Suede Lined Black Leather Bustier PASS
78 La Toya Jackson 1980's Owned & Worn White Leather Pants PASS
79 La Toya Jackson Owned & Worn Jewelry and Accessories 100
80 La Toya Jackson Owned & Worn Lace and Faux-Pearl Belt 100
81 La Toya Jackson Stage Worn Custom Made Rhinestone Jacket 90
82 La Toya Jackson's Early 1980's Personal Datebooks With Jackson Family Phone Numbers and Handwritten Song Lyrics 250
83 La Toya Owned & Worn Black Cowboy Hat PASS
84 La Toya Jackson 1970's Stage Worn Custom Made White Jacket With Rhinestones and Beading 200
85 Fred Astaire Handwritten & Signed Letter on Paramount Pictures Letterhead 405
86 Elton John Stage Worn Ensemble With Yohji Yamamoto Purple Tailcoat 2505
87 Goldie Hawn Worn Atelier Versace Couture Swarovski Crystal Gown and Chiffon Wrap 541
88 Michelle Pfeiffer "Grease 2" Film Worn Silver Motorcycle Jacket 491
89 England Football Club 2004 Team Signed Replica Away Jersey (17) 100
90 Liverpool Football Club 2004-2005 Team Signed Replica Home Shirt 100
91 Zinedine Zidane Signed Replica No. 10 Football (Soccer) Jersey PASS
92 Thierry Henry Signed Replica Arsenal Football (Soccer) Jersey PASS